How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co- Founded A Million Dollar Company- Varun Aarwal


Author: Varun Agarwal

ISBN : 9788129119797

No. Of Pages: 256 Pages.

My Rating: 0/5.

I bought the book prior corroborating the reviews and in order to luxuriate the hilarious ingredients of the author’s bid. The title on the top of the book finally inclined me to capitulate on hold of my purse strings.  But ironical to my serendipity, all my toil squandered as I stroked the inception of the book. In the initial pages of the book, the author openly proclaimed not to have much positive probability with his book and yes that was there I  got miscomprehend and finally got lapsed. Here are ten Reason as why NOT to read “How I barved Anu aunty and Co-founded A Million Dollar Company” by Varun Agarwal.

1.  I was zenithly expecting it to a inspirational story but the author has narrated himself as a highly lethargic personality who keeps on consuming liquor and abusing is high in his stance.

2. The paucity of grip which the author has over English.

3. Poor Vocabulary.

4. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a story akin like him but that does not mean you start writing a book :)

5. In the story, all the gossips and confabulation between the author and his friends are superfluously wretched.

6. While leafing the pages of the book you’ll fell as if reading a 4th grade lad school book, which I ruminate, is turpitude.

7. People say , it is a motivational entrepreneurship fable but I say, If we have biographies of people like Steve Jobs than why read Varun Agarwal.

8. This book is all about squandering money, energy and precious time.

9. Wretched Story.

10. Lastly, the narration is entwining, ie. the story is highly overstretching which generates lackadaisical ambiance in the reader’s mind.

I never recommend such crap work and thus rate it 0/5.

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I am a person, a dreamer who fly on the wings of dreams but don’t know how to achieve them. I am one of those who can do arduous tasks but at time fail to do the simplest of them. I envisage, concentrating on one particular thing as the dirty end of the stick and sometimes multitude say that i’m a patient of mood disorder . The whole enchilada, from soda to hock humanity say and ruminate that I’m perpetually in a scurry to effectuate something and I too consider them impeccable, for I want to attain stability in my metabolism, which presently is going through nadir, at the lowest ebb. Friends and other acquaintances eulogize me for my zany humor. I’m a avid reader and writer and presently I’m delving into blogging zeal ie. on My other chief passions apart from the above are travelling, eating, ruminating, listening to quality music, watching birds and clouds and being solitude. In short, I want to triumph my divine, limpid and creme de la creme intentions which I’m ensuing from past many gargantuan years and have made big sacrifices too. I pray, to take the Chequered flag and my relinquishments don’t go squander so that after so many damp squibs, I can witness my rest of life in its full glory.

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  1. Bogas book

  2. depends upon individual to individual taste :)

  3. :)
    yes, it is.
    And commenting on this post is boldness too :)

  4. Giving 0/5 is real boldness !!
    Congrats you have it

  5. ha ha ha…I totally agree upon the above words. I appreciate your bold attempt.

  6. How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co- Founded A Million Dollar Company it is a nice novel.
    Varun Aarwal is a very nice author.
    i am disappointed with your review.

  7. How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co- Founded A Million Dollar Company is a ridiculous book….i agree with ur review :)
    take care

  8. the cover is awesome and in pattern of the book.
    Haven’t read so can’t comment on the content.
    take care
    and keep posting

  9. @Lokmanya: it depends upon the taste of the reader :)

  10. We have people like Arvind Adiga, Arundhati Roy who won the Man booker Prize for their first book!!
    then why read Varun!! :)
    by the way..Thanx for the visit :)
    take care,
    Harshit Chauhan

  11. Moreover it has gain positive response from the Indian Public.

  12. I agree with ur review but It was his first book so according to it the book is a good attempt for the beginner.
    What do you say?
    Moreover it has gain positive response from the Indian Public.

  13. I do agree with the above review .

  14. :)
    take care,
    keep visiting,
    stay tuned,
    God Bless
    Harshit Chauhan

  15. Only the cover is humorous…don’t expect and akinenss with the cover !!

  16. Yes, Language is easy but I consider it pathetic :)
    take care,
    keep visiting,
    stay tuned,
    God Bless
    Harshit Chauhan

  17. :)
    well, It deserves the same.
    Acc. to me I have rated it fine.
    take care,
    keep visiting,
    stay tuned,
    God Bless
    Harshit Chauhan

  18. this novel is osom.
    you have rated it wrong.

  19. How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co- Founded A Million Dollar Company is a nice book and and nice story.
    Varun Aarwal is nice author.
    language is very easy to understand.

  20. The cover looks good and sarcastic

  21. I am really surprised that you didn’t like the book!!

  22. I have read the book and felt the same which you experienced!!
    Indian Public have got rotten reading these works…
    I was fully satisfied when I read the above review
    Anuj Jain

  23. How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co- Founded A Million Dollar Company- Varun Aarwal is a very nice book

  24. It is always interesting to visit your blog…oh gosh !!…..I dare not say it “blog”..
    its now own website :)
    take care,

  25. Thank you Ankit..for all ur comments
    Take care

  26. Good…site

  27. may be, but i didn’t find it good…reasons i have mentioned above :)
    take care

  28. Your way of looking things is different i think. The book is awesome

  29. I am happy as you believe just I believe in for this book, Thanx :)
    Take care,

  30. Nice and true one, I would say.

  31. i am Glad for that, Julia :)
    take care
    Harshit Chauhan

  32. I agree, the title would make me want to read the book, but I enjoyed your review of it much more – very funny, but it makes a good point!

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